33 weekers

Monoamniotic Twin Boys Success Story – Parenting Twins Article

      My name is Abby and I delivered mono mono twin boys on November 26 and wanted to share our story.  I found out I was pregnant on Mother’s Day 2013 after going through a miscarriage. I went in to see my OB a week later and had an ultrasound to date the pregnancy. At that ultrasound the tech saw one sac, one placenta, and one heart beat, so we assumed there was one baby-little did we know there were…

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Against all Odds ~ Ruby and Megan’s Story – Parenting Twins Article

                       It was decided quite soon after having my son, now 2, that I wanted a 4th child.  I hated the odd number it seemed my daughter was always pushed out.  So when in the summer of 2010 I found I was pregnant again I was over the moon.At around what I thought was 6wks I was sent for a scan as I kept spotting.  When we arrived we were sat in a room full of…

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