28 weekers

Monoamniotic Twins: Aeden and Noah’s Story – Parenting Twins Article

     I found out that I was pregnant New Year’s Day.  We were surprised and excited and anxious.  Of course, we had to wait several weeks before we actually got to see a doctor, so 28 days later we made our way to the doctor excited to hear our baby’s heartbeat for the first time.      At our first appointment we went in for the sonogram and it was very exciting until the technician said, ,”Oh…wait a minute…”  It got very…

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Why YES, twins DO run in our family!!! – Parenting Twins Article

April 2009My son was 15 months old and we decided to start trying for another baby….well… I had my IUD removed in March because we were talking about getting pregnant again… I didn’t realize that I would get pregnant so soon.  I found out I was pregnant in the middle of April.  My first appointment with my doctor was just a sit down appointment where she asked me questions about my medical history, etc.  During the appointment she asked about history of twins…

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