It does not come as much of a surprise to many of us that most parents in today's world are providers rather than parents, not that they want to, but because that is what they have to do to cater and nurture to the demanding needs the world of today affords to take care of their responsibilities.

At the dawn of day, mother, father and their children all scamper in many different directions in pursuit of life. The mother, instead of taking care of her own home and children, she goes to work, to take care of other people's homes and children, so their parents can go to work. Great! But who is there to take care of her children when they return home from school?

Well, either that – take care of other people's homes and children – or become homeless. Whether you are married woman with children or not you still have to contribute to your household in one or the other way for your home to function at full capacity, or find yourself without a place to belong, a place to call home.

That may sound hideous from an inward appearance, but is in fact the truth of the world in which we live today; both man and woman have to be shareholders in order for the home to function properly. A husband is more like a roommate than the head-of-household. That I suppose … is how change must look like in a civilized world.

Before I became homeless with my kids, I had a good job with better pay, one I had to abandon because of domestic violence. I was accused of having relationships that only existed in that person's … sub-conscious mind.

Nothing was good enough for that person. He is one of very few men who believe still that a woman can not make more money than a man, the primitive way of thinking.

And staying home had its own flows; I had to beg for everything: food, lotion, clothes for the kids, etc. Our kids were afraid to ask him for anything, as he always yelled at them for no apparent reason. If he did not have a relationship with them, I would not have waited eleven years to leave him.

I worked hard to make concessions, and if he was interested in making our marriage work, he should have agreed to meet half way, as is the case with every normal relationship; both man and woman must make concessions of some sort to create a balanced equation. Instead, everything had to be done his way or the high way.

He always paid rent … late, came home whenever he wanted and expected me to go along as though an idiot. And my assumption here is not to suggest I was jealous, because I was not. In fact, I was happy when that person did not show up. I did not want him in my face, and I felt invaded every time he was in close proximacy.

Although I can not point a figure as to why his presence made me so uncomfortable, I still believe his treatment of my children and his behavior towards me were contributing factors. There's an old saying – "you can not teach an old horse new tricks".

Anyways, most women are of service; they are caregivers, baby sitters. They take care of other people's children and the elderly, so parents of small children and children of elderly parents can be of service in our society.

That is how a fully functional country operates. Everyone offers a single service, all of which are equally important. Without any of those services, nothing would get done.

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Source by Viora Mayobo

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