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Having a Reward Chart For Kids – Parents Article

A highly recommended way to positive parenting method is to implement a reward chart for your child. It can be also known as a good girl or good boy chart. You may start this reward system as early as 2.5 years old or when a child can understand about expected positive behavior from him or her and get excited about ‘reward’. Here is how it works: On the top row, tabulate four or five desired behavior from your child against…

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Battling Your Child’s Negativity – Parents Article

Everyone experiences negative feelings about themselves from time to time-even your children. Whether it’s school, sports, talents, or even himself, your child has probably felt negative about something. But what happens when this negativity starts to affect his schoolwork, social skills, or personal development? There are different approaches to how you can help your child overcome a destructive attitude and reach his full potential. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, is listening. When something is bothering your child, do you listen…

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Savvy Scissor Tips – Part 1 – Parents Article

How important is it to teach your child how to cut at such a young age? The use of scissors requires and enhances many developmental tasks. Some parents have stated that their child is “too young to cut”. A child who is following the appropriate developmental track should start cutting at the age of 2 years old. There are several developmental skills that a child is learning at a young age. Cutting allows a child to build up the tiny…

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Children’s Rights Action Report: 2019 – Foster Parents Article

2019: Protecting Kids. Providing Hope. Thanks to supporters like you, 2019 has been a year of continued success in transforming the lives of children. As the year draws to a close, Children’s Rights is excited to share key highlights from our year: 12,000 children in Texas foster care will now be protected from abuse and neglect. A federal judge has just ordered the state to immediately implement reforms to a foster care system where – and I quote — “rape,…

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My Husband is Only With Me Because of Our Kids – Tips and Advice That Might Help – Parents Article

I often hear from wives who tell me that their husband has either told them directly or made it very clear that he’s not fully invested in the marriage (or even in love with them) and is only still married because of the kids. While it’s commendable that a parent would make such a commitment to their kids, this is a hurtful thing for one spouse to say or imply to another. And it leaves the wife on the receiving…

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The Single Dad’s Guide’s Top Ten Movies Of 2019 – Single Dad, Parents Article

When it comes down to coming up with lists for the end of the year, very few lists excite me as the next one we are about to do as a Guide.  Don’t get me wrong.  Favorite amusement parks, fake news stories, and travel destinations are great spots to list.  Even 100 different reasons to visit Knott’s Berry Farm gets my juices flowing.  But if I had to pick one list which would excite me above all else, because I…

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Top Things To Do For Christmas In Northern Virginia – Single Mum, Parents Article

The holiday season is in full swing and my family cannot be more excited about all the fun local Christmas Events. Today I am sharing our list of Top Things To Do For Christmas in Northern Virginia. With so many events happening around us it’s hard to decide what to do first.  Gaylord National Resort’s ICE! You and your family will marvel at more than 2 million holiday lights and acres of magnificent decorations, plus spectacular holiday activities and events…

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Weathering The Teen Years – Parents Article

For many parents, the teen years are challenging. Even though you may be doing a good job parenting your teen, there are reasons family life may become more stressful. There are also some things you can do that are helpful. It is important to understand what is happening for teens during this unique time in their lives. The teen years are focusing on several developmental issues: – Who am I? During this time of individuation, teens have two high level…

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My Mother Continues to Teach Me Things Long After Her Death – Parents Article

My mother liked to give away jewelry that she didn’t wear anymore but that was meaningful to her. She got great pleasure giving these gifts and seeing them joyfully received and worn. She had cancer for twelve years, but had an eight-year remission before she got sick and died. She contemplated downsizing from the house she and my father lived in for 30-plus years but ultimately decided to stay. I supported their decision “as long as you clean it out,”…

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What Is Reading Skill? A Parent’s Guide – Parents Article

It has been shown in all kinds of research that the number one most important skills for parents to teach their children is the initial parts of how to read. At a very young age, however, many parents are wondering what is reading for a student of two or three. While you may not be able to sit down and give them lessons, you can do things that greatly impact their ability to pick up the skill when they are…

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